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*For Non-Japanese Players*
Thank you for finding or introducing my blog and arrangements.
I'm really happy to know my music is listened by foreign people.
Because of my poor English, I can't translate its lyric and even explain it.
In addition, Square Enix doesn't tell the titles of almost all the FFXIV music to us,
so I can't tell you even the name of original music in English.
But if you enjoy my arrangements, it is my great pleasure :D

If you want to comment, please read the bottom of this article.

***** アレンジ - Arrangements of FFXIV Music - *****
ウルダハロウィン - Ul'daHalloween -

Original: Quicksand (the battle theme in Thanalan)

名称未定 - Untitled - [制作中 Now Arranging]

Original: Nail of the Heavens (the battle theme in La Noscea)

ザナラーン音頭 - Thanalan Ondo - [制作中 Now Arranging]

Original: Twilight over Thanalan (the field theme in Thanalan)
"Ondo" is a Japanese music style. At Bon Odori (Japanese traditional dance), people dance in "Ondo" music.

名称未定 - Untitled - [制作中 Now Arranging]

オリジナル:木々のさざめく街 (グリダニアのテーマ)
Original: Born of the Boughs (the theme of Gridania)

リムサの娘 - The Girl of Limsa Lominsa - [制作中 Now Arranging]

Original: Navigator's Glory (the theme of Limsa Lominsa)

ウルダハガール - Ul'dah Girl - [制作中 Now Arranging]

Original: The Twin Faces of Fate (the theme of Ul'dah)

ラノシアの疾風 ジャズセッション風アレンジ - On Windy Meadows (like a jazz session) - [制作中 Now Arranging]

Original: On Windy Meadows (the field theme in La Nocea)

***** オリジナル - Original Music - *****
ラヴユー!ラ・ユー! - Love You! La You!- 作詞(Lyrics):Ques Walterさん

This song is made for nudists in Eorzea lol

森の中のララフェル - Lalafell in the Forest -

***** 没 - trash can - *****
蝋人形館のクリスマス - Christmas in Wax Figure Museum -

Original: the music at the Retainer Market

名称未定 - Untitled -

Original: Prelude

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I tell you what the texts next to field means in English.

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